DRaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service

Ransomware is a nefarious, new version of kidnapping, holding businesses hostage until they pay thousands of dollars in ransom in different forms of digital currency that is confusing and untraceable.

Data is encrypted until payment is made, but even then, there is no guarantee that data will ever be recovered. The of intention of ransomware is to block access to file systems and impede an organization’s ability to do business.

Ransomware allows cyber criminals to mark files either for permanent deletion or for internet publication. An untraceable payment is then demanded in exchange for access to a private key, which then gives you the ability to retrieve your files.

Datto, offered by AuditSolv gives you an insurance policy against this new-age kidnapping.

Disasters come in many forms and are guaranteed to come at the most inconvenient times.

Whether it is a system disaster, natural disaster, cyber attack or human error, disasters can cause a massive upheaval everything. 

Alarmingly, only 6% of companies who lack a recovery plan are able to survive. 

AuditSolv can bring Datto to your organization, which uses Hybrid Cloud Technology to increase redundancy by packing away your data locally for stress-free reclamation.  Data is then securely transferred to a secure Datto cloud.  In the event of a disaster, Datto will immediately virtualize your physical environment to work on the local Datto appliance or the Datto cloud.

Datto is the rearmost and concluding piece of your cyber security defense with automated local and cloud backups, allowing your business to run continuously and in real-time.

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