About Us


We have operated within the small and medium-sized business technology space to help our clients, who may not be technically well-versed, manage complex technical systems and services.

Most commonly, our approach is to identify the ‘critical pains’ of the client, then develop an IT strategy that will be most beneficial.  Essentially we wade through the mess and put together an infrastructure that is practical and effective



Software Applications

IP Cores


Data Center


Backup/Disaster Recovery

Data Security

Microsoft Project Consulting

Software Maintenance Contracts

Unified Communications

Video Conferencing

Cloud Computing

Healthcare Control Systems


Assessment Services

Our Mission

is to provide unmatched value in the form of skill, expertise, technology, direction, execution, support, and overall client experience.  We strive to create a solution that is comprehensive, dependable, effective, and, most importantly, affordable.

We offer a distinctive “As a Service” IT solution that is designed to perfectly support your existing situation and the emerging needs of your organization.  Our model provides an inclusive, extensive technology solution which includes, but is not limited to, onsite concierge support, 24x7/365 monitoring, and innovative Cyber-Security platforms.

With our IT as a Service model, or ITAAS, you will have a complete IT department by your side for an unchanging monthly fee.  Included is a direct contact for your users on both the sales and technical sides.  Regardless of your need, we have you covered and protected.