Social engineering is an attack vector that creates vulnerability within organizations, allowing predators to syphon valuable data.

Auditsolv provides an all-encompassing approach to keep you safe.

KnowBe4 provides testing to define a company’s baseline in order to determine just how at-risk your users are, and how vulnerable your company is because of your users. We test for exposure with simulations using phishing through email, SMiShing on a mobile device, or vishing through an actual telephone call.

All employees will receive unique and realistic emails, messages, and/or calls. Emails are generated from over 3,000 templates which you are able to choose from. You are also able to schedule Phishing Security Tests, or PST, to be sent at regular intervals.

KnowBe4 integrates all functions into one simple Graphical User Interface. Icons, buttons, and windows are well-organized so that training and simulations can be initiated in minutes. The platform is completely customizable, allowing you to tailor templates, landing pages, and attachments.

In the event an employee falls victim to a simulated phishing, SMiShing, or vishing attack, you will be notified immediately, as will the employee. Thankfully, here are several options for correction and remediation. For those too savvy to be tricked, the Phish Alert button can be used to report suspicious messages.

Management reports, on both macro and micro levels, statistics, and graphs are generated and exportable. In addition, timelines are available for each user. to provide unmatched value in the form of skill, expertise, technology, direction, execution, support, and overall client experience.  We strive to create a solution that is comprehensive, dependable, effective, and, most importantly, affordable.

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